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Workplaces are becoming larger with more departments, more technology and more legal requirements.
But very rarely is there technology in place to help businesses and corporations cope with those developments. That was before Workplace Management Software came along. Workplace Management Software is software developed for several industries to help streamline processes in a digital format. By creating a paperless workplace, it enables both management and dedicated key staff to keep track of day-to-day requirements without any information getting misplaced or mismanaged.
Workplace Management Software from CollectiveView is paving the way for a more organised, less stressful workplace.
Below are just some of the many reasons why Workplace Management Software can work for you and your business.

It's a more secure form of information sharing
On a day-to-day basis, corporations are dealing with hundreds of documents containing sensitive information. It may not be top secret, but it could include retail pricing, costs, budgets, and even staff information not meant for the eyes of the general public. With Workplace Management Software, you are able to accurately and safely keep all data and workflow information all in one secure unit. We offer a program called viewWork which is designed for just that. It allows staff to track workflow, view performance data, charge different departments with materials and labor costs, as well as collecting and analyzing data. You can even provide information for staff within the database, with just select staff being able to view it.

All of these key features are within one flexible interface which is adaptable to each business or corporation.

We have implemented and administered Workplace Management Software such as viewWork in over 25 million square feet of commercial and industrial space. We know what works, and we know how well Workplace Management Software works for businesses.

There's Workplace Management Software for a wide variety of industries
This includes:

  • viewMAC – viewMAC Workplace Management Software is for processing, approving, tracking, completing, and reporting on several aspects of any business. It also enables the coordination of staff and can allow certain staff members to have access to information that others don't.
  • viewWork – As mentioned above, viewWork can help managers and staff collect, track and manage orders as well as tracking performance and measuring workflow.
  • viewLease – As Corporate Real Estates best friend, viewLease works by organising leases, notifying Property Managers of impending deadlines, tracking clauses, and keeping track of properties among other things. It has turned what can be a logistical nightmare in any corporate real estate office into a well-oiled machine.
  • viewSpace – viewSpace is an excellent version of Workplace Management Software for large corporate facilities with many departments and many changes taking place. It can use drawings to locate personnel and departments for space planning, as well as taking all the hard work out of allocating tasks to various departments based on the manpower available.

It can boost staff happiness levels
There's no easier way to achieve a high staff turnover rate than with ineffective management systems.
If staff feels overworked, stressed, and unappreciated due to messy systems and ineffective lines of communication, they are more likely to resign.
Large businesses and corporations should invest in Workplace Management Software if not for better organization, than for their staff.

If the staff is able to rely on Workplace Management software to sort their workflow, orders, and day-to-day tasks, they will feel more in control, less stressed and more organized. Communication will be better as well, with more notifications and workplace correspondence taking place through one avenue.

CollectiveView can even make the transition to a well-managed workplace easier with a 24/7 call center, advice from professional service experts, and help with data and analysis extraction.