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In our previous Digging Deeper article, we highlighted the importance and benefits of lease contract management. For many realtors and property managers, lease contract management software was vital to the successful administration of properties. However, equally as important, and as helpful, is space management software.

Space management software is a form of facility management that enables any business, company or corporation to take back control of their physical and virtual spaces. As many heads of department will be aware, managing areas within a large corporation can be trying. Not only must you be aware of what each individual department looks like physically and financially, but it’s essential that you’re constantly on the lookout for how to improve them as well.

When a corporation covers several thousand square feet of space, often across several states or countries, this can seem like an impossible task. How can you possibly know where each department is located and how the hierarchy works to the company’s benefit?

Without space management software, there’s a very slim chance you’ll be able to keep track of it. However, businesses that have invested in ViewSpace are seeing the very real benefits associated with the software. Below are some of those benefits.

There’s more time to value your employees

If you’ve ever heard people say they feel like a number at their place of business, it’s clear to see there’s a problem. Heads of departments and managers can often be so busy managing the logistical nightmare of space management that they often forget to treat those office chairs like real people. As it’s typically a very manual process, managers can spend their entire day dealing with numbers, without sparing a thought for the people they represent.

Space management software aims to change all that. Because it’s a streamlined system that can manage floor plans, locations, occupancy, space utilization and mapping, all the work has been done for you. This inevitably results in more time up your sleeve which can be spent talking to the very people caught up in the space planning movement.  

A happy staff is the key to your success, and failure to show appreciation is one of the many reasons why employees choose to leave a corporation. It’s vital you retain good staff by investing in software that’s beneficial for all.

Visual representations are easier to understand

Space management software such as ViewSpace has been built with the understanding that visual information is received far more effectively by the brain than any other of the four human senses.  

This means that you can use drawings to locate personnel and departments for space planning, view maps of your location with Google Maps, display building information with department hierarchies in an effective layout, view graphs with basic information, and publish floor plans with ease. The aim is for space management to be as easy-to-understand and as user-friendly as possible.

You can find the gaps and fill them

As a business gains momentum and grows to a new level, it becomes harder and harder to keep your finger on the pulse of what’s happening around you. New staff members are hired, other staff members leave, new vacancies open and the workload increases. Just when you think everything is running smoothly, something else changes and you find yourself trying to fill spaces.

Space management software aims to take the hard work out of vacancies and staffing logistics. It’s able to capture the staff data, find out where vacancies are available, and provide you with the tools to work out where best to plug gaps in your production line. As each department is able to have a viewable and real-time hierarchy graph, you will know exactly who to talk to in order to manage staff in certain areas.

Space management software is becoming prevalent in many growing businesses and corporations. It can save time, improve productivity, and it ultimately becomes a helping hand for managers in charge of day-to-day operations. If your business could benefit from ViewSpace, get in touch with the friendly team at CollectiveView for your free demonstration.