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The ultimate goal of any business, company or corporation is to grow, and, when that growth happens - either slowly or with high speed – there’s a reason to celebrate. After all, you’re now experiencing increased profit, a more significant share of the market, and a brighter future.

However, growth, while beneficial for any company, can also cause some teething problems. You now have to hire new staff, adapt your budgets, potentially find larger premises and handle the many logistical components of a more extensive and ever-expanding workplace.

Failure to take action now and put systems in place to manage this growth can lead to a whole host of problems that will affect both your staff and your customers. To solve the problem, you need computer aided facility management software (CAFM).

CAFM software is used by thousands of industries around the world and is vital for the successful operation of any business experiencing unprecedented growth. Are you ready to take your business to the next level? Below are some of the many benefits of computer aided facility management software.

It can help take the pressure off your staff

While development for any workplace is beneficial, it can put a lot of pressure on employees. Not only do they have to absorb the workload that continues to increase, but they have to try to find a way to organize every aspect of their job as it continues to become more and more involved.

While hiring new staff to deal with the added workload is often a good solution, it still doesn’t solve the organizational aspect of the problem. How can your team possibly keep track of the hundreds of day-to-day tasks they have to complete without a proper system?

Computer aided facility management software can ultimately be the savior. Considering 95 percent
of human resource leaders admit employee burnout is sabotaging workforce retention, it’s vital you get the ball rolling to take the pressure off your staff before it’s too late.


CAFM software, such as ViewWork from CollectiveView, is an excellent place to start. It can handle all parts of service requests, statuses, performance metrics and workflow while taking the hard work out of day-to-day operations.


You can keep on top of premises growth

If you’ve gained a big new contract or you’ve outgrown your current place of business, relocation could be on the cards. However, trying to learn the department structure and gaps in your production line within new premises can be tough. Growth can throw curveballs at your business that you never thought were possible.

To counteract the stresses associated with keeping your finger on the pulse, you can always turn to computer aided facility management software. ViewSpace from CollectiveView is designed to enable any business manager to accurately track departments, view personnel, develop and view floorplans, and manage spaces and vacancies.

In fact, you can even view departmental hierarchy systems to inform your staff of who runs which department. This enables you to know who is located where, within which office, and within which part of the building.

You can manage your property portfolio

Many growing businesses and companies decide to invest in properties – either for their business use or for leasing out. While it’s undeniable that owning property is beneficial for any business, when managed poorly it can end up costing you thousands in “lost” funds.

By choosing to use computer aided facility management software such as ViewLease, your business can benefit from being able to keep track of all parts of your property portfolio. This can even include notification dates, clauses for expenses, expiration of options and the articulate execution of leases. There has never been a better time to invest in the smooth operation of your business and all its investments.


Computer aided facility management software is more than just “another program” for your staff to learn, it’s an investment in the future development, growth and structure of your workplace. If your company isn’t organized and supplying solutions to teething problems, you run the risk of high staff turnover and unsatisfied customers. There’s no time like the present to ensure your business is future-proofed for generations to come.