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While many businesses in the United States have fallen on hard times, there are just as many that are experiencing phenomenal growth. Growth is beneficial for any company but it does come with the added risk of workplace processes struggling to keep up with the demand for your products and services. In fact, there’s a genuine risk of this happening as businesses with less than 5 million dollars in annual revenue are currently growing upwards at a rate of 7.8 percent per year.

As your business continues to bloom at an exponential rate, your ability to keep up with demand, keep your staff’s stress levels down, and deal with supply and demand issues becomes all the more important. With systems currently in place not designed to deal with such growth, it’s essential that you begin looking for something to grow with you. Luckily work order management software such as ViewWork can help. We’ve included some of the many benefits below.

Everything is searchable and trackable

For many years, businesses have been struggling with the amount of paperwork they must keep for legal reasons. Any company must find room for seven years’ worth of business tax returns, payroll tax records, current employee files, job applicant information, ownership records, accounting services records, and operational records.

Depending on the size of the business, this could take up several large filing cabinets, leaving very little room for vital customer order information. And, when it comes to storing your customer information, many businesses are still using archaic paper trail methods. While this is okay for operational records and financial information, it’s less convenient for customer records. You have to waste time sifting through several years’ worth of paperwork just to find one piece of history. This does nothing for productivity in your workplace.

Work order management software from businesses such as CollectiveView takes the hard work out of filing,  by enabling you to keep all your customer records and past work orders within one easy-to-use system. When you need that information, you can search using keywords, dates, locations, requestors, and service team members of types. Within seconds you can have the information you need.

All data is easily accessible

How do you know your business is on the right track if you don’t have a way to track it? Work Order Management Software can collect and analyze the satisfaction of your customers, as well as provide key performance indicators. The process enables you to improve areas that need it and enhance areas that are already proving to be successful. The result of this can often be even more growth for your business.

Track orders from start to finish

In the hustle and bustle of a busy workplace, it’s easy for jobs to fall through the cracks. You have a number of staff working on several different things, and without an adequate workflow system, it’s easy to lose track of what’s going on around you. Work order management software can be customized to suit your business, and automatically generates notifications when a work order is either placed, approved, dispatched or closed. Keep your finger on the pulse of your business at all times.

Keep track of the finances for each department

As your business grows, you will begin to realize that specific departments are spending more, or are earning more, than others. This financial information can be difficult to track as each department takes resources from others to achieve their goals. To keep an eye on what each department is spending and making, you need work order management software. Not only can it be customized for each office, but it offers the opportunity to charge back time and materials to particular departments for a real-time look at the earnings of each area.

Work order management software aims to take all the hard work out of business operations during a time of exponential growth. Don’t risk a breakdown in communication or sales. Let your business boom with the knowledge that it’s organized and functioning like a well-oiled machine. Contact CollectiveView for your free demonstration.