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Free Facility Management Software, a Wolf in Discount Wool

Many businesses are looking to cut costs in this challenging economic climate, and one of those ways of doing so is by accessing free facility management software, opposed to paying for it. The problem is, the word “free” typically has a catch, and you will end up paying for it in some way. You have to either sign up after a period, you don’t have access to all the features you need, or you’re bombarded with sales pitches and advertising. Nothing in life is free, and if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.


However, when it comes to the rewards and benefits, they can make it seem like you can access free facility management software. Such is the cost-savings on offer that the facility management software will pay for itself in a matter of weeks or months. In essence, your facility management software is now free.


So, stop looking for free facility management software and instead, focus on how you can make your software save you thousands of dollars every year to technically make it a priceless investment. Here’s how your facility management software can pay for itself.


Improved productivity

If you’re going to see any benefits of free facility management software – or subscription-based facility management software, it will be in the level of productivity. FM software can have its most significant impact on your staff regarding how much work they get done in a particular timeframe, and the savings can be substantial.


It’s a well-known fact that disengaged, unproductive employees make 60 percent more errors, have 37 percent higher absenteeism and have 49 percent more accidents than someone who is more productive. By installing facility management software – free or otherwise – you are likely to see those percentages drop, thus increasing your annual profits.


Seamless processes

If a lot of your work processes are still manual – such as rifling through filing cabinets for the latest figures – then it’s evident that your company is not operating seamlessly. In fact, if ever there were a business to be searching for free facility management software, it would be one who still runs with a paper and pen.


FM software from experts you can trust can take your most-often used programs – of which there are sure to be many – and can turn them into one compact, easy-to-use system that any of your employees can operate. It can then take your most manual tasks that take hours and condense them down into a process that takes just seconds. The result? Substantial savings that make it look like you accessed free facility management software.


Environmentally friendly

In every workplace, you are sure to see a sign that says “do you need to print that?” or “don’t forget to tick grayscale!” all to cut costs. When you contact an FM software expert to discuss a free facility management software demonstration, this is probably again reiterated – the savings made by not having to use as much paper or as much ink. However, the environment is benefiting just as much as your back pocket. The less paper you use as a result of investing in facility management software, the fewer trees need to be cut down as the demand is not as high. You are but one company, but your transition to a paperless workplace can make all the difference.


While accessing free facility management software may seem like a brilliant way to cut costs in your company, it doesn’t have to be free to have the same effect. Just by getting in touch with an FM software expert, you are one step closer to making substantial savings.