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Computer-aided facility management (CAFM) is fast becoming popular in large corporate environments, education facilities and even average sized businesses. Just like a jigsaw, there are so many pieces to any business that need to work together for a profitable and workable company model.
It can become overwhelming for any management team to ensure every part fits in well together. That is where CAFM software comes in.
CAFM software is the supply of information about any facility, and with our expert team at Collectiveview providing it, can be the difference between a stress-free business model and a stressful one.

Below are five ways our CAFM software can streamline the processes within your business.

Cut costs and stress with a paperless workplace
Our experts at Collectiveview enable your workplace to become paperless due to the seamless systems we offer. From the management of facilities from a 24/7 call center, to space and project management, lease data abstracting and analysis; we aim to take the hard work out of the day-to-day logistics and running of your business.
With multiple tasks and assets to juggle every day, you can easily have the associated data and information put into your CAFM software to be organized and centralized. This is also a much safer management system than paper, as it ensures the secure backup of all your data.

Many workplaces are also required to keep seven years of data, this in itself is a mammoth task – but imagine the space being taken up by filing cabinets? Our software removes the need for any form of physical storage system and can allow you to keep data in digital storage permanently for any length of time.

There's a program for all your needs
Whether you're a real estate company, an education provider or a health facility, there's a program built to suit every need.
We have several programs that have enabled us to maximize the benefits our customers receive.

This includes:

  • ViewMAC – accurately controls and tracks personnel within your workplace
  • ViewWork – perfect for tracking, dispatch, service requests and performance
  • ViewSpace – can manage floor plans, locations, space and more within corporate or business environments
  • ViewLease – is a 'go to' management system for real estate agencies in need of quality software for data management and client property sales and deadlines


You can monitor every aspect of your business
Whether you need key insights into budgets and expenditure, or you're looking to analyze inventory and data, our CAFM software can do it all. From that monthly utility bill, to departmental spending; data can be formed and analyzed with ease.
This even includes telephone numbers, cost data, warranty information, departmental managers and building managers. Many businesses swear by their current model which includes printing potentially hundreds of pages of data, bills, progress reports and financial statements. They can then spend hours sifting through that information to form an easy-to-understand document for all management to analyze. CAFM software removes the need for this. This, in turn, saves your business money and time.

Don't be scared by technology, Collectiveview is here to make the transition to a paperless workplace that much easier.

A more secure business

Your business is more than likely going to have sensitive information not meant for public viewing. In fact, some of that information may not even be for staff viewing. How do you keep such information safe? Paper records can easily fall into the hands of the wrong people, and can be lost in a large workplace. Emails are often not secure and can also be read by those they are not intended for. But that information has to exist, therefore it needs to be recorded somehow.
CAFM software enables you to keep track of staff members within departments. You can assign access to specific sets of data to people of your choosing, and it is recorded in a safe, centralized and secure location.
Only those people you enabled to see the data will see it, and only specified staff members can edit the data as well.

Collectiveview understands the need for such systems, and have implemented workplace management systems, such as this one, across 25 million square feet of commercial and industrial space.

If you think your business could benefit from CAFM software, contact us today.