ViewWork enables facility managers to collect service requests, track approval status, manage service vendor dispatch data, and capture performance metrics. Our flexible interface quickly adapts to your work flow and business processes to meet your unique needs and dispatching methods for each facility.


  • Receive incoming requests via company Intranet, external web site, email, wireless PDA or 24/7 toll-free call to Operation Resource Center
  • Track work orders from submission to completion
  • Dispatch work to both internal and external service teams
  • Collect and analyze customer satisfaction metrics
  • Benchmark key performance indicators
  • Charge-back time and materials to departments
  • Automatically generate notification via email, fax, or phone call when a work order is submitted, approved, dispatched or closed
  • Easily search for current and past work orders by key words, dates, locations, requestors, service team members or types

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