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The ultimate goal of any business, company or corporation is to grow, and, when that growth happens - either slowly or with high speed – there’s a reason to celebrate. After all, you’re now experiencing increased profit, a more significant share of the market, and a brighter future.

However, growth, while beneficial for any company, can also cause some teething problems. You now have to hire new staff, adapt your budgets, potentially find larger premises and handle the many logistical components of a more extensive and ever-expanding workplace.

Failure to take action now and put systems in place to manage this growth can lead to a whole host of problems that will affect both your staff and your customers. To solve the problem, you need computer aided facility management software (CAFM).

CAFM software is used by thousands of industries around the world and is vital for the successful operation of any business experiencing unprecedented growth. Are you ready to take your business to the next level? Below are some of the many benefits of computer aided facility management software.

It can help take the pressure off your staff

While development for any workplace is beneficial, it can put a lot of pressure on employees. Not only do they have to absorb the workload that continues to increase, but they have to try to find a way to organize every aspect of their job as it continues to become more and more involved.

While hiring new staff to deal with the added workload is often a good solution, it still doesn’t solve the organizational aspect of the problem. How can your team possibly keep track of the hundreds of day-to-day tasks they have to complete without a proper system?

Computer aided facility management software can ultimately be the savior. Considering 95 percent
of human resource leaders admit employee burnout is sabotaging workforce retention, it’s vital you get the ball rolling to take the pressure off your staff before it’s too late.


CAFM software, such as ViewWork from CollectiveView, is an excellent place to start. It can handle all parts of service requests, statuses, performance metrics and workflow while taking the hard work out of day-to-day operations.


You can keep on top of premises growth

If you’ve gained a big new contract or you’ve outgrown your current place of business, relocation could be on the cards. However, trying to learn the department structure and gaps in your production line within new premises can be tough. Growth can throw curveballs at your business that you never thought were possible.

To counteract the stresses associated with keeping your finger on the pulse, you can always turn to computer aided facility management software. ViewSpace from CollectiveView is designed to enable any business manager to accurately track departments, view personnel, develop and view floorplans, and manage spaces and vacancies.

In fact, you can even view departmental hierarchy systems to inform your staff of who runs which department. This enables you to know who is located where, within which office, and within which part of the building.

You can manage your property portfolio

Many growing businesses and companies decide to invest in properties – either for their business use or for leasing out. While it’s undeniable that owning property is beneficial for any business, when managed poorly it can end up costing you thousands in “lost” funds.

By choosing to use computer aided facility management software such as ViewLease, your business can benefit from being able to keep track of all parts of your property portfolio. This can even include notification dates, clauses for expenses, expiration of options and the articulate execution of leases. There has never been a better time to invest in the smooth operation of your business and all its investments.


Computer aided facility management software is more than just “another program” for your staff to learn, it’s an investment in the future development, growth and structure of your workplace. If your company isn’t organized and supplying solutions to teething problems, you run the risk of high staff turnover and unsatisfied customers. There’s no time like the present to ensure your business is future-proofed for generations to come.





In our previous Digging Deeper article, we highlighted the importance and benefits of lease contract management. For many realtors and property managers, lease contract management software was vital to the successful administration of properties. However, equally as important, and as helpful, is space management software.

Space management software is a form of facility management that enables any business, company or corporation to take back control of their physical and virtual spaces. As many heads of department will be aware, managing areas within a large corporation can be trying. Not only must you be aware of what each individual department looks like physically and financially, but it’s essential that you’re constantly on the lookout for how to improve them as well.

When a corporation covers several thousand square feet of space, often across several states or countries, this can seem like an impossible task. How can you possibly know where each department is located and how the hierarchy works to the company’s benefit?

Without space management software, there’s a very slim chance you’ll be able to keep track of it. However, businesses that have invested in ViewSpace are seeing the very real benefits associated with the software. Below are some of those benefits.

There’s more time to value your employees

If you’ve ever heard people say they feel like a number at their place of business, it’s clear to see there’s a problem. Heads of departments and managers can often be so busy managing the logistical nightmare of space management that they often forget to treat those office chairs like real people. As it’s typically a very manual process, managers can spend their entire day dealing with numbers, without sparing a thought for the people they represent.

Space management software aims to change all that. Because it’s a streamlined system that can manage floor plans, locations, occupancy, space utilization and mapping, all the work has been done for you. This inevitably results in more time up your sleeve which can be spent talking to the very people caught up in the space planning movement.  

A happy staff is the key to your success, and failure to show appreciation is one of the many reasons why employees choose to leave a corporation. It’s vital you retain good staff by investing in software that’s beneficial for all.

Visual representations are easier to understand

Space management software such as ViewSpace has been built with the understanding that visual information is received far more effectively by the brain than any other of the four human senses.  

This means that you can use drawings to locate personnel and departments for space planning, view maps of your location with Google Maps, display building information with department hierarchies in an effective layout, view graphs with basic information, and publish floor plans with ease. The aim is for space management to be as easy-to-understand and as user-friendly as possible.

You can find the gaps and fill them

As a business gains momentum and grows to a new level, it becomes harder and harder to keep your finger on the pulse of what’s happening around you. New staff members are hired, other staff members leave, new vacancies open and the workload increases. Just when you think everything is running smoothly, something else changes and you find yourself trying to fill spaces.

Space management software aims to take the hard work out of vacancies and staffing logistics. It’s able to capture the staff data, find out where vacancies are available, and provide you with the tools to work out where best to plug gaps in your production line. As each department is able to have a viewable and real-time hierarchy graph, you will know exactly who to talk to in order to manage staff in certain areas.

Space management software is becoming prevalent in many growing businesses and corporations. It can save time, improve productivity, and it ultimately becomes a helping hand for managers in charge of day-to-day operations. If your business could benefit from ViewSpace, get in touch with the friendly team at CollectiveView for your free demonstration.



For many businesses and individuals involved in the property sector, ensuring everyday operations go smoothly can be a lot like fighting a fire. Once you’ve cooled down one hot spot, or problem, another is ready to flare up.

This is because when it comes to lease contract management, there’s a lot to take care of. It doesn’t matter whether you’re responsible for one property, or 1,000 properties, the task is complex. You have to take care of lease renewal options, accounting and processing, audits, common area maintenance charges, repairs, ongoing maintenance, analysis of occupancy costs, reporting, information management, expense reviews, and so much more…

In fact, that doesn’t even begin to cover the full list of daily tasks. You still have to make sure each and every tenant – be it business or personal – are paying on time. Essentially, poor lease contract management can result in thousands of dollars either being lost, or unaccounted for.

The stress can be overwhelming for any staff member, which is probably why 36.1 percent of all property management staff, interviewed in a 2008 National Multi-Housing Council survey, leave their job every year.

In order to make it work, the average facility manager, real estate accountant, construction manager or property manager needs the right software, and the right tools to do the job effectively, and that is where multi-functional real estate portfolio tools become invaluable.

In the form of IWMS & CAFM software,  such a system can turn a stressed and frazzled property manager into an organized and “on the ball” member of staff who has their finger on the pulse.

So, how does lease contract management software work?

ViewLease is a good example of an effective lease contract management software aiming to take the labor out of a complex line of work. Combining the logic of real estate data management with pending real estate deadline information, it produces intelligent portfolio decisions.

It caters to all asset managers, property managers and tenant lease administrators. In effect, it’s a life ring, providing solutions for execution of leases, rent step-ups, notification dates, clauses for expenses and expiration of options.

The most important aspect of a property manager’s job, is ensuring they are aware of all the happenings of any particular lease contract. Because there can often be several hundred of them, this can seem like an impossible task. Of course, it’s impossible when you rely on sticky notes and scribbled words on a calendar, but it’s not with lease contract management software.

It can help you manage those sometimes-overwhelming notification dates and schedules, as well allowing you to view the legal descriptions of any property, the addresses, the types and the property’s status. It can even enable you to import lease data and spreadsheets with ease, as well as attach original documents for cross-reference and safe-keeping. 

When the time comes to provide your employer with custom reports, charts and graphs, it can complete it for you. The ability to save hundreds of hours of hard work and labor can all be found within lease contract management software.

Who provides lease contract management software?

There are many different suppliers of lease contract management software, with CollectiveView being one that’s highly regarded by many businesses.

Along with many other IWMS and CAFM software types, we provide a seamless service from installation all the way through to staff training. We have implemented and administered workplace management systems in over 25 million square feet of corporate commercial and industrial space. Our team are undeniably the best at what they do, and we look forward to providing you with a free demonstration


Workplaces are becoming larger with more departments, more technology and more legal requirements.
But very rarely is there technology in place to help businesses and corporations cope with those developments. That was before Workplace Management Software came along. Workplace Management Software is software developed for several industries to help streamline processes in a digital format. By creating a paperless workplace, it enables both management and dedicated key staff to keep track of day-to-day requirements without any information getting misplaced or mismanaged.
Workplace Management Software from CollectiveView is paving the way for a more organised, less stressful workplace.
Below are just some of the many reasons why Workplace Management Software can work for you and your business.

It's a more secure form of information sharing
On a day-to-day basis, corporations are dealing with hundreds of documents containing sensitive information. It may not be top secret, but it could include retail pricing, costs, budgets, and even staff information not meant for the eyes of the general public. With Workplace Management Software, you are able to accurately and safely keep all data and workflow information all in one secure unit. We offer a program called viewWork which is designed for just that. It allows staff to track workflow, view performance data, charge different departments with materials and labor costs, as well as collecting and analyzing data. You can even provide information for staff within the database, with just select staff being able to view it.

All of these key features are within one flexible interface which is adaptable to each business or corporation.

We have implemented and administered Workplace Management Software such as viewWork in over 25 million square feet of commercial and industrial space. We know what works, and we know how well Workplace Management Software works for businesses.

There's Workplace Management Software for a wide variety of industries
This includes:

  • viewMAC – viewMAC Workplace Management Software is for processing, approving, tracking, completing, and reporting on several aspects of any business. It also enables the coordination of staff and can allow certain staff members to have access to information that others don't.
  • viewWork – As mentioned above, viewWork can help managers and staff collect, track and manage orders as well as tracking performance and measuring workflow.
  • viewLease – As Corporate Real Estates best friend, viewLease works by organising leases, notifying Property Managers of impending deadlines, tracking clauses, and keeping track of properties among other things. It has turned what can be a logistical nightmare in any corporate real estate office into a well-oiled machine.
  • viewSpace – viewSpace is an excellent version of Workplace Management Software for large corporate facilities with many departments and many changes taking place. It can use drawings to locate personnel and departments for space planning, as well as taking all the hard work out of allocating tasks to various departments based on the manpower available.

It can boost staff happiness levels
There's no easier way to achieve a high staff turnover rate than with ineffective management systems.
If staff feels overworked, stressed, and unappreciated due to messy systems and ineffective lines of communication, they are more likely to resign.
Large businesses and corporations should invest in Workplace Management Software if not for better organization, than for their staff.

If the staff is able to rely on Workplace Management software to sort their workflow, orders, and day-to-day tasks, they will feel more in control, less stressed and more organized. Communication will be better as well, with more notifications and workplace correspondence taking place through one avenue.

CollectiveView can even make the transition to a well-managed workplace easier with a 24/7 call center, advice from professional service experts, and help with data and analysis extraction.


Has your business – large or small –  ever been in a position where there's not enough manpower or time in the day? If so, you may need to consider facility management software.

Facility management software is software developed by businesses such as CollectiveView, aimed at optimizing all processes within your business. From modelling and analysis through computer-aided design, building information modelling, space management, employee structure, and resources, it aims to streamline every part of your business.

CollectiveView can easily tell you what facility management software is, but it's more effective if we show you what facility management software is to you.

It's a means in which to organize every aspect of your day-to-day business
With new legislations required for small businesses and large corporations every day, it can be hard to keep track of what information you should have, what information you do have, and data you should be keeping track of.

It's not only time consuming for your staff to track data, workflows and progress, but it can often lead to human error and workplace stress. CollectiveView aims to take the hard work out of this for you by providing facility management software such as viewWork.

Our software enables businesses to track and dispatch work, collect and analyse data, notice key performance indicators, charge time and materials to different departments, generate emails and phone calls for work orders, and search for past work orders.

It's designed for small to large businesses and corporates who are ready to take their business to the next level.

It's no longer about barely keeping your head above water; it's about taking full control of your facility management.

It's an information sharing portal for members of staff
Businesses across the globe are aiming for a paperless workplace, but when many are required to keep seven years of data, it can make things difficult. Many businesses still have store rooms in which they keep hundreds of documents relating to completed work on the off-chance they may need it for auditing or reference.

Thousands of square feet of space are taken up with filing cabinets that many people can't even find the keys for. It's all in the name of information sharing and yet it's taking up too much space.
CollectiveView's facility management software reduces the clutter and can get rid of your filing cabinets for good.
Facility management software enables businesses to store and share data all within one easy-to-use system. It can be shared directly with all staff, or for the eyes of select staff members.
The best part is, there is no need for printing which can help save your business thousands of dollars in the long run.

It's a life saver for those in the real estate industry
Whether you're in control of real estate within your corporation, or you're a property manager, you're sure to breathe a sigh of relief when you realize we have facility management software to suit you as well.

viewLease is designed to combine real estate data management with information on a range of real estate daily tasks.
It's suitable for asset managers, property managers and tenant lease administrators, and it's all about making your job a whole lot easier.
It can help sort the execution of leases, rent step-ups, notification dates, expense clauses, and so much more.

It can even aid in the management of critical dates, deadlines and schedules as well as generating reports, charts and graphs.

It's also the hub for viewing property descriptions along with their addresses and current statuses in the system.

It's the life ring for all those real estate moguls with not enough time in the day.

So what is facility management software? Facility management software is the answer to all your facility management prayers in the form of  CollectiveView


Computer-aided facility management (CAFM) is fast becoming popular in large corporate environments, education facilities and even average sized businesses. Just like a jigsaw, there are so many pieces to any business that need to work together for a profitable and workable company model.
It can become overwhelming for any management team to ensure every part fits in well together. That is where CAFM software comes in.
CAFM software is the supply of information about any facility, and with our expert team at Collectiveview providing it, can be the difference between a stress-free business model and a stressful one.

Below are five ways our CAFM software can streamline the processes within your business.

Cut costs and stress with a paperless workplace
Our experts at Collectiveview enable your workplace to become paperless due to the seamless systems we offer. From the management of facilities from a 24/7 call center, to space and project management, lease data abstracting and analysis; we aim to take the hard work out of the day-to-day logistics and running of your business.
With multiple tasks and assets to juggle every day, you can easily have the associated data and information put into your CAFM software to be organized and centralized. This is also a much safer management system than paper, as it ensures the secure backup of all your data.

Many workplaces are also required to keep seven years of data, this in itself is a mammoth task – but imagine the space being taken up by filing cabinets? Our software removes the need for any form of physical storage system and can allow you to keep data in digital storage permanently for any length of time.

There's a program for all your needs
Whether you're a real estate company, an education provider or a health facility, there's a program built to suit every need.
We have several programs that have enabled us to maximize the benefits our customers receive.

This includes:

  • ViewMAC – accurately controls and tracks personnel within your workplace
  • ViewWork – perfect for tracking, dispatch, service requests and performance
  • ViewSpace – can manage floor plans, locations, space and more within corporate or business environments
  • ViewLease – is a 'go to' management system for real estate agencies in need of quality software for data management and client property sales and deadlines


You can monitor every aspect of your business
Whether you need key insights into budgets and expenditure, or you're looking to analyze inventory and data, our CAFM software can do it all. From that monthly utility bill, to departmental spending; data can be formed and analyzed with ease.
This even includes telephone numbers, cost data, warranty information, departmental managers and building managers. Many businesses swear by their current model which includes printing potentially hundreds of pages of data, bills, progress reports and financial statements. They can then spend hours sifting through that information to form an easy-to-understand document for all management to analyze. CAFM software removes the need for this. This, in turn, saves your business money and time.

Don't be scared by technology, Collectiveview is here to make the transition to a paperless workplace that much easier.

A more secure business

Your business is more than likely going to have sensitive information not meant for public viewing. In fact, some of that information may not even be for staff viewing. How do you keep such information safe? Paper records can easily fall into the hands of the wrong people, and can be lost in a large workplace. Emails are often not secure and can also be read by those they are not intended for. But that information has to exist, therefore it needs to be recorded somehow.
CAFM software enables you to keep track of staff members within departments. You can assign access to specific sets of data to people of your choosing, and it is recorded in a safe, centralized and secure location.
Only those people you enabled to see the data will see it, and only specified staff members can edit the data as well.

Collectiveview understands the need for such systems, and have implemented workplace management systems, such as this one, across 25 million square feet of commercial and industrial space.

If you think your business could benefit from CAFM software, contact us today.