Collectiveview: A Partnership that evolves and adapts with your changing needs

Collectiveview:  A Partnership that evolves and adapts with your changing needs

We want to partner with you, be a member of your team, and bring years of software experience and facility management best practices to the table. Unlike other systems, CollectiveView is not hard-coded with a set database. Instead, it’s a living, breathing, organic system that evolves and adapts to your changing needs without programming or additional fees. Our solution offers you flexibility and customization for less than the cost of an employee on a monthly basis. You are provided with all the software and service you need to run your professional IWMS and access it anywhere, anytime, using any platform.


Business is always on the move. From your large corporate relocations to the everyday, routine, internal moves of people and assets. The ViewMAC solution cuts through the complexity and the changes of the modern workplace. With ViewMAC, you can seamlessly coordinate employee and asset moves, adds or changes with little or no disruption of daily operations. It allows all parties involved to receive real time updates to facilitate accurate and timely moves.

A well-oiled machine functions better and costs less. When your facility maintenance is scheduled and tracked by ViewWORK, your operation can see a dramatic reduction in unexpected equipment or personnel downtime. ViewWORK enables you to collect service requests, track approval status, manage service vendors, dispatch data and capture performance metrics all while using our flexible online interface that quickly adapts to your business processes. This translates into more effective day-to-day operation, increasing uptime, improving customer service and satisfaction, and reducing cost.


Make every space count. With ViewSPACE you can take control of your entire physical space inventory including locating personnel and departments for space planning and occupancy, chargebacks, and allocations. Reduce cost and increase accuracy and visibility to effectively manage space today and for the future.

Real Estate is a company’s 2nd largest expense. Leasing, managing and owning properties generates a wide variety of data management issues, including common area maintenance charge calculations, rent step-up analysis, critical date notification, insurance clause monitoring and management of option expirations. These details, if overlooked, can mean unnecessary expenses or loss of revenue. ViewLEASE combines the logic of real estate portfolio data management, the art of intuitive software design, and the science of network-based information management technology to effectively manage today’s complex real estate portfolios.


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You are on the move and so is your team. The CollectiveView Cloud SaaS Applications are the answer to stay current and remaining productive on all facility management information when in the office or on the go whether via IPhone, IPad, Tablet or computer. With CollectiveView’s scalability, flexibility and seamless integration we believe we have a unique set of differentiators which leads to superior service experience and long-term customer satisfaction.


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