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Conquer moves for one or all.

Monitor, process, approve, track and report move assignments in one dashboard.

A growing number of the workforce 

is away from the office.

Even if you find yourself away from the workplace, gain access to the same exact information and capabilities from any device.

(And that’s OK!)

Part-time Occupancy

Keep track of flex space visually by earmarking hoteling and reserved spaces in the dashboard and on CAD deliverables.

Predict Costs

Finances become top of mind during uncertain times. Be able to accurately report personnel moves or additions, while enabling cost predictions live in the dashboard.

Complete Customization

Customization is included in your viewMAC subscription - allowing complete customization to suit your exact move requirements, workflow, and business process.

Go live in two weeks.

viewMAC comes with full customization, with the average onboarding taking just two weeks or less. Revolutionize how you move in less than 14 days.

No Hidden Fees

Zero extra costs, inclusive of additional users, maintenance, or upgrades.

Modular Pricing

Pay only for the modules you use, with no limit on users, move orders, automations or company size.

Move in Real-Time

Learn more about what viewMAC can help you achieve by viewing the software live.
Click below to Book a Free Demo.

Are you in charge of your back-to-work strategy?

Accurately manage, request and report crucial move assignments, while managing pandemic criteria visually.

This is just the start to easy move add change orders

Automate your move processes 

Save time by utilizing our tools. Automate and organize your personnel moves with these top features in viewMAC.

Clearly See Project Status By Color

Color code the status of projects to easily identify the progress of moves and tasks in the system.

Automatically Update Your Floorplan

Automatically update the location of an employee on a live floorplan as moves, adds, and changes occur.

Create Automatic Work Orders

Create automatic work orders based on the information supplied in the MAC form. Automate tasks like packing box deliveries and workspace reconfigurations.

Generate Automatic Notifications

Generate automatic notifications via email, fax, or telephone for specific actions or events.


Our hands-on approach to serviceware is changing the way companies move.

Ken Bryan

Corporate Real Estate, ULA

It’s made our lives a lot easier, it’s made my technicians a lot more proficient. They can look ahead. They can schedule work to be done weeks, sometimes even months in advance.

Bill Bartusiak

Director Workplace Resources, Janus Capital Group

Their software provided nightly floor plan updates along with automatically generating work orders from submitted move requests. Collectiveview was very quick in making customized software changes to meet our specific reporting and workflow needs. Overall responsiveness and turn around times routinely exceeded our expectations.

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