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How do I manage my hybrid workplace?

So, you need a tactical return to office (RTO) strategy to track your employee visits while simultaneously managing occupancy; the problem being how do I track WFH/Part-time/Full-time, when my employees are in their workstations, so I can manage occupancy and report up?

We got you.

Our Enterprise, flexible, scalable integrated workplace management system has all the modules you need to track occupancy. This is about one facet and here are our solutions.

There are three very different approaches emerging to help manage the RTO in the hybrid environment, and at Collectiveview we have built all three (but are only using the first two and I’ll explain why).

1: Security Badging

If your company has any type of security badging you have most of what you need to track your occupancy in Collectiveview. If you’re in the building you’re probably using your workspace. All of these systems have pretty basic In/Out databases that are simple to mine for employee name and timestamp. Our Space Management software system does all the rest. We can create a reservation based on the time in and cancel it on the way out. If that’s too much we can simply create hatches to show who’s in today. There are a number of reports and dashboards we can create that show detail for individuals. In summary we can show what departments are showing up at what frequency. The real power comes from combining the entry information with the space data, answering how much space do we actually need over time.

2: Reservation System

Truly the best system if your workstations are shared and/or you have full timers and hybrid personnel is the reservation system. Put the power and responsibility into the end user’s hands. Our reservation system is both mobile and desktop, it can interface with your calendar and send reminders to all relevant parties. What more do you need right? These systems can get complicated quickly and sometimes unnecessarily. Which is why we also have a simple check in/check out system that can be activated by an email or an app with a button.

3: Sensors

Sensors have been around a long time and for the most part they work really well at doing simple tasks. We have experimented with motion, and heat sensors. For tracking employees they work – ish. For showing if conference rooms are being utilized they work great when they are occupied. But they don’t tell you what’s happening later today or tomorrow, etc. For workspaces they can show you if someone is in a seat. But, what if someone stopped to chat with a co-worker as sat at another person’s workstation? How about if they came in and worked in a shared team room or other shared space? What about shared space? There are just too many bad results to that can come from this tech. The last thing is the price at $30k to $60k per floorplan is that worth questionable results? What is the ROI?

There’s actually a 4th way and it’s perfect but IT and Legal say no way. It involves putting tracking software on the employees phones – yeah that’s a non-starter.

In summary, if you have Collectiveview, you probably have all or most of the tech you need to track your occupancy. WFH, part-timers and full-timers mixed together are here to stay in workplace management. If decision making data is what you’re after, give our team a call, or email, and allow us to show you how to maximize your existing hardware with Collectiveview’s space and reservation management software, for the greatest return and satisfaction for your end users.


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